Ultimate Travel Wall Calendar 2018

​Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Wall Calendar for 2018 provides you with a plethora of panoramic captures to marvel at. The cover image of the Golden Temple in Amritsar sets the precedence for what every turning page of every calendar month depicts, a rich history and culture from all corners and wonders of the world.

To compliment all of the above are captions of every image describing vividly its identity and geography. These include The Everglades National Park, Victoria Falls and The Golden Gate Bridge. Furthermore, you will be guided as to the best time to visit and explore such wonders, aswell as the simplest routes to reach them.

You can plan your holiday retreats by timing it with the national holidays of several countries, thereby ensuring that you immerse yourself in their days of importance that could lead to even more colour and flavour to your trip. As such 12 months in 12 pages could create a lifetime of grand travel memories.

Indeed, start planning your 2018 holiday schedule now by looking no further than Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Wall Calendar. This can be purchased for just £9.99 by clicking here

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