Flamencura is an illustration of high intensity Flamenco dancing complimented by effortless showboating as the performers display a willingness to entertain.

Indeed, this Paco Peña production exudes frantic emotions that are conveyed with captivating zest by the singers and embraced by guitarists strumming soulful melodies.

The Flamenco dancers perform in faultless sync with the singers and musicians as they sweep across the stage completing sequences with sublime finishes.

The Traje de Flamenca were truly breathtaking, fussy and intricate in its finery embodying the soul and old world charm of Spain as the dancers performed heart stopping dances, swirling and twirling the opulent ruffles on their outfits.

The final swansong of the night created a spine tingling atmosphere throughout the audience as the pace of the Flamenco soared in a sudden and spectacular manner.

Simply put Flamencura is ‘flamin’ fantastic and to immerse yourself in all things Flamenco click here

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