Brick Lane – Flavours of India & Beyond

​Located in a melting pot of some of London’s most storied landmarks, Brick Lane is the focus of the afternoon during this London Food Tour. Indeed, this street is dubbed ‘Bangla Town’ and it is clear to see why with a plethora of Bangladeshi eateries.

​The tour runs daily and starts at 2:30 PM. Whilst, the local community of Brick Lane may operate on ‘Indian’ standard time, be sure to arrive on time so you can begin your experience by interacting with fellow food lovers over a Papadum (Indian Crisp) and an ice cold Indian beer known as Cobra that is less gassy than its peers. As such your curry will become far easier to digest whilst quenching your thirst!

The tour guide on a sweet sunshine afternoon was Nicole of Australian origin. She has immersed herself in Bangla Town and provides an insightful fact file on the history and development of the area. Furthermore, she demonstrates how Brick Lane is not just all things food, as street art now has a major prominence to further diversify its character and charm.

The group size of approximately 10 to 12 people makes it a personable experience where laughter is a common theme. Indeed, one of the first questions Nicole asks is how much spice can you handle on a scale of 1 to 10, and let’s just say some people overestimated their capabilities!

Along the restaurant crawl is a visit to a local supermarket. Here you have the chance to win a foodie prize if you can take an unrivalled selfie amongst the overwhelming food produce present.

Indian sweets represent all the colours of the rainbow and beyond, and you will have the enviable privilege of selecting your chosen dessert at a local sweet shop. Suffice to say it is a difficult choice and should you be touring with companions, be sure to choose different sweets to experience as much flavour as possible!

You will also be taken to arguably the most popular restaurant within the vicinity, Tayyabs. One of its most appealing features is that you are allowed to bring your own booze, thereby providing the cheap and cheerful motto. Here you will try dazzling Karahi food with sumptuous Naan bread smothered in butter.

Finally it is time to work off your main course with a short walk to one of the local parks. Here you will get comfortable whilst munching away at your chosen dessert, whether it was a dripping Jalebi or a sugar infested Barfi. The group were so fascinated by the plethora of colours and tastes available that many of them started sampling each other’s desserts.

In summary, Flavours of India gives you a feel for homely food with a story behind it. Indeed, none of the restaurants visited produce cosmetic or commercialised food but what you see and sample is what the locals eat on a daily basis. Instead of R&R is time for F&R – fish and rice, the two mainstays of Bangladeshi cuisine.

Now it is time to let the food, flavour and fascination take precedence by booking your London Food Tour today whilst your appetite is still at an optimum!

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