Thames Rush

Ever fancied an extra boost to your cruise to ensure that you dont nod off? Indeed, it would be fitting to add the term Thunderous‘ in front of Thames Rush with pulsating drifting turns and a plethora of aqua skills courtesy of the boat driver.

As such you will embrace and immerse yourselves in all things London along the River Thames.

Your journey starts at the check-in desk at the Westminster Pier terminal. Here, London eye is the first thing that will come into your eyeline on the opposite side of the river.

Hence you can get your cameras in motion and view this part of the experience as an opening ceremony for what is to come.

Prior to departure you will receive a life jacket and will be politely informed not to inflate the jacket in a non-emergency situation!

A nice touch is the safety box at the boarding point where you can store all your valuables. As such you can ensure that they don’t end up in the river whilst in the middle of an acute turn.

The boat is fitted with handrails in front of all passenger seats and yes you will need to hold onto them when the boat reaches optimum manoeuvrability no matter how daring you might be.

The cruise takes you as far as Canary Wharf and passes through a plethora of London’s most storied landmarks that is complimented with an interesting fact file via the boat’s media box. These include HMS Belfast, Waterloo Bridge and The Shard.

Suffice to say keep your eyes peeled and let the adrenaline take its course as you swerve through the River Thames James Bond style.

The duration of the ride is 50 minutes and in turn you will experience 50 shades of London. Indeed, be sure to take your panoramic photos and selfies prior to the boat passing Tower Bridge, as thereafter it is time to put both hands on the rails as the sensational scintillating speed of the cruise takes precedence.

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