Proms on The Roof

On a side road tucked away in Central London you will find The Roof Gardens. Indeed, upon entering the gardens one will not think that they are possibly in the city centre, such is the secluded and pleasant environment.

Those looking to switch off from the crowds and bustling madness should look no further than this hidden gem.

Dubbed the summer nights that hit the right notes, Proms on The Roof is running for the fourth year at The Roof Gardens.

The finest musicians from the world renowned Royal College of Music provide the entertainment in these serene and relaxing surroundings.

Imagine sipping your cocktail on a garden deck chair whilst hearing the beautiful sounding instrumentals of classical music of both past and present.

The first edition of the 2017 Proms on The Roof took place on 31st May on a very sunny evening that ensured that the garden area was in full use and created the great outdoors effect for the guests.

The evening is organised by Virgin Limited Edition and there are no limits to the plethora of classical music that keeps you tuned in.

The barbecue based food is a delight as everything is smothered with fresh ingredients and made with a sizzle.

Tickets to the Proms on The Roof are priced at £29.50 and include a complimentary cocktail as you settle into the ambience of what you may have thought never existed prior to taking the chance to move away from the main roads of London.

The next edition is due to take place later this summer on 9th August. For further information and to book your place at Proms on The Roof, please click here

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