Great British Tennis Weekend

Whether you are a Tennis nut or novice, The Great British Tennis Weekend welcomes everyone from all walks of life to experience Tennis festivities at the Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre in London’s Olympic Park.

Those with disabilities will have very accommodating facilities to take advantage of and are encouraged to immerse themselves in the mother of all racket sports.

Tennis might often get classed as an elitist sport where smart dress code and spectator etiquette are enforced.

However the term ‘great’ of this Tennis weekend attempts to take away the stigma and enable those with a love or curiosity for the sport to make all the noise that they want across several hard courts.

Indeed, any FAQ or unconventional questions that you have about Tennis can be answered by the coach from the LTA (Lawns Tennis Association) who will be readily available to motivate and mentor all participants.

Furthermore, they will let you in on a few secrets of the game, including the two things you can guarantee in Tennis.

The coaching drills include light hearted rallies using half of the court and volley rallies with innovation by using the side railings as the net!

All of the above is totally free of charge with no strings attached.

The local community are quick to point out the depth and diversity the Olympic Park has to offer, as one may get easily caught up within the surroundings of the Olympic Stadium and not explore any further!

In summary, The Great British Tennis Weekend aims at maximising all available resources to ensure everyone can get a kick out of hitting multiple Tennis balls, thereby feeling the spirit of the game.

For further information click here and better still make yourself available on Saturday 22nd July 2017 for the next edition of Tennis mania at The Great British Tennis Weekend.

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