Soho Show

To label the show ‘So-ho-w-boating’ would be a fitting pun for what is a truly dazzling exhibition of circus stunts and several examples of daily life in arguably London’s prime hotspot. As described by the production company Stufish, ‘Soho is not just a place, it’s a state of mind’. Indeed, the variations and extremities illustrated are befitting of such a description tag.

Upon entering the auditorium at The Peacock Theatre, there is an open plan and spacious feel about the environment. Therefore comfort is no issue and one’s eyes can remain fixated on the cast’s willingness to entertain.

Whilst anticipating the start of the show, a voice on the intercom was announcing service updates on various London Underground lines. Indeed, it reflected the propensity for delays that commuters experience more times than they wish to remember!

It did sound like a genuine announcement at first until the audience realised seconds later that this was a pretence for what to expect in the show. Indeed, the laughter was synchronised.

The stunts were highly illustrative of flexibility, adaptability and utter madness all at once. Scenes ranged from performers creating human ladders that were pure genius, to spins and loops from suspended curtains at the most acute of angles.

As such The Soho Show let’s the showboating do the talking. Furthermore, the performers weren’t shy to flex their muscles for the audience!

There were cultural scenes to illustrate the diversity prevalent in present day Soho, including the plethora of Chinese restaurants. Elsewhere you will find the local nightlife, sex shops and coffee shops which are permanent hangout features of Soho.

It’s Oh-So-Ho is the feeling one walks away with upon conclusion of the show. The duration is perfectly timed at one hour and 55 minutes with a welcomed 20 minute break to let you absorb the swashbuckling and daring entertainment displayed.

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