28°-50° Wine Workshop & Kitchen

Whilst it is easy to think that the numbers in the name of the restaurant correspond to something trivial, there is a far greater significance to them. Indeed, they signal the beginning of your wine education as 28°-50° is a geographical representation of the latitudes at which the finest vineyards are located across the globe.

Imagine all the world’s warm hearted wines being readily available under one roof and that is what you will find at 140 Fetter Lane, London. It is owned by Michelin star Chef Patron Aggi Sverrisson and hence you can be sure that the food menu is meticulous in thought and touch.

Upon stepping into the premises one has the feeling of entering a vineyard, as to access the restaurant you walk down a couple of sets of stairs, the lights dim and then the intimate feeling of being in a wine wonderland descends upon you.

A plethora of wine bottles are neatly placed in wooden boxes that illustrate their history as wine lovers are able to easily identify with their picks of the day, such as Tempranillo from Spain. There is also a library and case area that provide more private and homely feelings to those with unrivalled passions for wines, with the latter named after the number of wines a given case can hold.

The main menu is full of trigger words to catch diners’ attention, whether you prefer your dishes with a fruitful theme such as the Crab Salad with mango and avocado purée or the more savoury yet sumptuous Smoked Ham Hock Terrine.

The main courses can cater for those looking for heavy content meat based dishes such as Scottish Rib Eye or those preferring a lighter yet satisfying touch of Pea Risotto. The Triple Cooked Chips are an excellent side with any main course and indeed make chunky chips look small in comparison!

The unique aspect of all of the above is that the staff have the knowledge of wine connoisseurs and as such are able to recommend a specific wine that compliments the said dishes to create a nibble and trickle experience.

The delights are far from concluded as the desserts menu brings to the table chocolate, caramel and raspberry in several variations, such as the Passion Fruit Tart. For those who wish to continue the wine tasting in their dessert course, there are sweet wines available and once again the staff are ready to recommend the requirements to satisfy your taste buds.

The bar is open Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 11pm and the restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 12pm to 9:30pm. To compliment the friendly hours of operation are very reasonable prices, whether you prefer the set lunch menu starting at £18.00 for two courses or the buffet starting at £17.50.

Should you find yourself in the company of wine lovers, there are theme based wine tasting experiences that the private events team can organise for you, such as Old World vs. New World. Moreover the ease at which one can immerse themselves in the cosy surroundings means that you will find the restaurant and the experience both pleasing and pulsating.

In summary 28°-50° need not just represent map based denotations but also illustrates the latitude this intimate environment makes available to those passionate about all things wine. Indeed, it is time to take the ‘fetters’ off as you experience wine evolution.

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