Leon In The West End

The restaurant chain Leon is synonymous with tasty health conscious fast food. However, on 13th February 2017 they opened their all-singing Leon branch in the West End of London that adds a unique spin to its themes with the slogan ‘it’s show time from lunch time’.

Indeed, it is home to Leon’s got talent in the form of singing staff looking to prosper in the public domain with a view to an aspiring career in the theatre industry. As such it would be fitting to dub it the L-Factor. The restaurant is located in the epicentre of Shaftesbury Avenue, the heartland of London’s tourist trade, and is therefore surrounded by theatres galore.

For the staff working at the West End branch, their opportunities to interact and engage with customers is unrivalled. One moment they could be serving up a delicious Chicken & Chorizio Burger and the next minute they are the focal point of the restaurant as the Leon faithful are treated to a pleasant compilation of melodies.

Furthermore, they are doing their exposure the world of good in a melting pot of talent scouts who might always be dining or simply onlooking from the outside, given the open air policy that lends a welcoming ambience to Leon West End.

Singing waitress Julie Cloke who graduated from the American Musical Theatre Academy states that Leon have been very supportive in ensuring that staff can attend important auditions and have a clear focus in helping them propel into the world of theatre.

In summary, you need not always go to the West End’s theatres to hear those with excellent vocal cords. Indeed, one must be adventurous and look outside the traditional box of theatre land as we know it. 

For further information on Leon’s singing restaurant and to view the profiles of all singing staff, please visit the following page:


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