Mountain Biking in Slovenia

It is quite fitting that just prior to the introduction of the book is a map illustrating where Slovenia is. Indeed, the author Rob Houghton alludes to the fact that he often gets asked ‘where is it’ or ‘why Slovenia’. 

Therefore, those readers previously unaware of Slovenia’s whereabouts will now come to know that it is centrally located within mainland Europe and shares borders with some of Europe’s more ‘storied’ countries.

Rob Houghton describes Slovenia’s climate as ideal for riding, relaxing and savouring wine in. As such small is beautiful when considering that the country is approximately the size of Wales. 

One of the images in the early parts of the book depicts an upside down cycle in sunny and scenic conditions, thereby making a potential hindrance a little less daunting by one immersing themselves in the panoramic surroundings.

The Route Summary Table provides a quick reference guide as to where you might see yourself cycling through the backroads of Slovenia and the recommended time of year to journey along your preferred routes. 

Indeed, the title ‘Mountain Biking in Slovenia‘ is befitting of the fact it covers a wide spectre of regions including Gorenjska, The Soca Valley, The South, and Central and North East.

On the first page of all 35 recommended routes is an insightful fact file, including how much of the route is off road. There are also gradient style graphs to compliment the text descriptions of what The Aplines bring you, such as the Grahovse circular upslopes that are famous for cheese.

Along one’s biking escapes in Slovenia, a few key words of the Slovenian language could not only surprise a few of the locals, but also ensure you are heading in the right direction! Indeed, the first part of the Appendix is a list of key words. 

Be sure not to mispronounce the word for water (Voda) with the somewhat stronger beverage universally known as Vodka! All biking routes are accompanied by recommended accommodation and points of interest.

Mountain Biking in Slovenia retails at ¬£16.95 and you may well come to know a new fact about Slovenia for every penny spent on the book. 

Furthermore, Rob Houghton has led expeditions on five continents and has been a keen cyclist for a decade, so you will be guided expertly to a different and perhaps more untouched reach of Europe.

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