London Eye

Indeed, several pairs of eyes will be captivated upon entering the capsule that will enable passengers to savour London’s landscape and legacy. London Eye stands at 135 metres high and is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world.

The experience starts at the Ticket Office where you purchase your ticket before joining the queue for your allocated rotation on the Coca-Cola London Eye.

There are several information ports within each capsule, should you wish to verify a point of interest or even improve your London fact file with key points about the said landmarks. 

Furthermore you can experience London Eye whilst sitting down in total relaxation or opt to stand up and walk the rounds to find the perfect moment for a detailed panoramic photo shot. As your capsule reaches optimum altitude, you receive a 360-degree view of London’s iconic skyline.

Indeed, London need not to be lit up at night to create dazzling captures. Instead the plethora of historical buildings can be admired throughout the day with many viewers opting for selfies whilst ‘holding’ onto their favourite landmark in the backdrop. 

Elsewhere tourists furiously point at the famous sites of London that define its rich history, such as The Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Wembley Stadium and St Paul’s Cathedral.

If you wish to see breath-taking views of London during the day and night, from October to March you are able to purchase a dual entry ticket for just an additional £10.

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Therefore on arriving at the London Eye you should only have your eyes focused on what you are going to witness, rather than having to keep an ‘eye’ out for the queue for tickets!

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