The World’s Best Superfoods

Ever thought to yourself that the words healthy and tasty are incompatible? This Lonely Planet book compliments these terms in 66 flavoursome yet health conscious dishes to delve into. The caption on the front cover ‘health-boosting recipes from around the world’ is befitting of the variation and insight into healthy food on every turning page.

The author Natasha Corrett grew up in a nutrition focused family and hence her career as a chef had healthy food at the forefront of her recipes. She states that every superfood has its own health properties and travelling the world has been key to expanding her cooking repertoire. A nice touch is her encouraging everyone to eat healthy for the sustainability of earth by picking out those ingredients with limited negative impact on the environment.

To welcome you into the world of Superfoods, there is a symbols section that includes indications of what elements of the said dish are healthy, such as whether it be good for the heart or increased longevity. At the beginning of each section is an insightful historical fact file. By way of example, a pistachio is actually a fruit, which would likely capture a surprised reaction from most readers.

How many of us enjoy munching on nuts, whether it be cashew or almonds? Carry on chomping away because the health benefits are notable. The seeds & nuts section provides you the opportunity to make muffins Australian style with its roots in Aboriginal history. Highlighted in a yellow circle on every recipe page is an indication of how many people the portion will serve to help you foresee your dining audience during your cooking escapades.

The tasting notes below each recipe provide an honest but also appealing overview of what to expect during that first sample bite. Have you ever wanted more than one cup of cocoa but been put off the calorie content? Fear not as the Raw Cacao recipe from Mexico takes precedence in this book with attractive depictions of the end product. Other sections include fish & meat and fruit recipes. Just to prove that healthy and addictive can go in the same sentence, try the date cake Ragniak that originates from Southern Iran.

The final section of the book ‘Other Superfriends’ provides a neat summary of all the fine beverages and snacks that compliment all Superfoods. These range from Green Tea to Dark Chocolate (yes it is a Superfood). Happy faces and happy food is the common theme throughout the book. Should you wish to focus on a particular region of the world, you can head straight to the index at the back where everything is categorised by country.

The World’s Best Superfoods retails at ¬£9.99 and in return you will receive the feel good food factor as health and taste meet at crossroads.

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