Between The Sheets

Tucked between the crowds at London’s Underbelly festival is a hotspot of watershed entertainment led by one of the most storied burlesque performers Miss Polly Rae.​

​Indeed, as you enter the venue the seating surrounding the stage is unreserved as wherever you sit you will feel immersed in the entertainment that unfolds.

Should you feel that sitting at the back will result in you being overlooked by on stage performers, you will soon come to realise that nobody is exempt from being part of the festivities.

Indeed, you may find a performer on your lap displaying a touch of affection to you so be sure not to look too embarrassed!

Miss Polly Rae introduces the show with a melody elaborating the word ‘erotic’ for those who might have been unaware of what awaited. Her saucy use of innuendos has the crowd in uncontrollable laughter.

Thereafter the art of burlesque and cabaret is displayed explicitly, ranging from scenes of effortless fire stunts to flirting with nudity with a touch of the full monty.

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