Atlas of Adventure

Upon turning over the front cover of Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventure all adrenaline junkies will find themselves gazing at over 150 countries that offer all the extremities and thrill of the great outdoors. Indeed, it is an illustration of the vast landscape of the globe.

Given the plethora of adventurous lingo and catchphrases that many of you may have come across, the guide includes a glossary and symbols to accurately define various activities, e.g. Cat Skiing and Crag. Lonely Planet has sought to gain specialist opinion on the most daring and unique trails of adventure and there are interviews detailed from the relevant personnel.

Should you find yourself in Afghanistan, then head for the Wakhan Corridor which is the country’s highest peak that is a haven for experienced trekkers. Have a yak to carry your luggage whilst you marvel at the panoramic topography that has had the feet trails of the storied explorer Marco Polo.

Elsewhere, El Salvador is painted in a different light away from the notorious gangs and violence that has hampered perceptions throughout the world. Indeed, the country delights sea lovers with the hostile yet swashbuckling Pacific waves to surf on. If you don’t mind potentially tasting a splattering of volcanic rock then head to Ilopango to slide down the mountain at a ferocious pace.

The yellow caption boxes listed on every turning page provide you with the must dos (don’t leave without) and top tips to enable you to get the most out of your travel budget, whilst still being able to indulge in stimulant and spine tingling motions.

It is now time to make a mess of your passport with country infested stamps as you energise your body with the wilder sides of life and be the epitome of adventure. The first purchase on your journey can be made by clicking here

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