Ultimate Travel Day Planner 2018

​Want a diary that looks pretty and gives you a further incentive to keep it in pristine condition – then Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Day Planner 2018 will be the standout addition to your bookcase or bedside table.

The plethora of colours on the front and back covers are rainbow-esque and will ensure you take extra care of your diary to maintain the imagery. 

Within each calendar month are key dates across the world, whether it be festivals or national holidays. Should you wish to be a part of something special in a said destination, then this planner could ensure that you end up in the right place at the right time.

Twelve of the world’s finest destinations are hand picked for you to make 2018 your year of travel escapades.

Indeed, you can begin brainstorming now and start scribbling by purchasing the Ultimate Travel Day Planner 2018 here

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