Gladiator Games

​In the busy epicentre of Moorgate, Central London is Guildhall yard that plays host to the Gladiator Games which depicts the blood, sweat and tears that fighters in the Roman era (around AD 50) put their bodies through to stay alive.

​Upon entering the grounds it is very easy to think that peace and tranquility has dawned upon you as the hooting of cars and vociferous crowds of city drinkers appears to be drowned out. However, a raucous atmosphere awaits as hundreds of spectators immerse themselves in a rich history of Roman entertainment.

The seating around the fighting ring ensures that you become emotionally attached to events unfolding as the hand of domination fluctuates on the battlefield.

Indeed, crowd participation is paramount as it is in your hands to decide the fate of the fighters. Do you give them a second chance to stay alive once they are grounded or let the impulsive emperors send down their final sentence.

Prior to the games commencing you can enjoy a wonder into the Roman Amphitheatre that sits below the surface of Guildhall Yard. Here, you will find the skull of a potential fighter of this area and quiz experts on all things to do with Roman Archaeology.

It would be fitting to add two further G’s infront of the Gladiator Games in what can only be described as gargantuan and gripping. 

These games form part of the Londinium season of events that illustrates a deeper insight into the history of Roman London. This includes Trauma and Blood Rite that will take place over the coming months.

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