Scoop – A Wonderful Ice Cream World

We love it, we scoff it in copious quantities and moreover it comes in a plethora of flavours. Indeed, the British Museum of Food presents Scoop – A Wonderful Ice Cream World.

The theme is created by Bompass & Parr whose latest experience illustrates how ice cream was created, the environment in which it is most popular to devour and where the world’s favourite frozen dessert will take us in the future.

The location for their latest exhibition is the Gasholders building in Kings Cross, London. Its mirky exterior is befitting of the cave style interior, as you are guided through centuries of ice cream development.

And believe it or not, ice created conflict and epidemic spreading of tuberculosis, all of which you will find out more in ‘The Dark Side of Ice Cream’.

Wall art displaying slogans such as ‘lick the sky’ and ‘the shock of ice’ display the extremities of experiences on offer. Many of us will have been guilty of chomping ice cream so fast that an imminent brain freeze occurs – and now you can go all virtual in feeling this sensation via a headset.

Ice cream connoisseurs Caroline and Robin Weir are responsible for the majority of paraphernalia on display. How does ice cream air freshener sound? – this can be experienced by the press of a button, releasing flavours such as cucumber or marmalade.

The scoops, scrapes and scents of 300 years of ice cream history can be realised for just ¬£12 by clicking here. The exhibition runs until 30th September 2018 – this summer ice cream is coming home!

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