Megaro Piano Bar

The Megaro Hotel’s exterior colour scheme gets the curious minds in motion at once. Pass through the front door and dive downstairs (no pun intended) into the Piano Bar where riveting wall murals and melodious instrumentals await.

The Dive Culture has gone transatlantic and King’s Cross is calling you from the train platforms to hear your favourite tunes whilst delving into a Prohibition Cocktail.

As the bar tenders come over to your table to take your order they describe beverage recommendations in such an enthralling manner that the final decision on what to drink becomes trivial! By way of example, the Clover Club contained Gin, Raspberry Puree, Sugar, Lemon Juice and intriguingly Egg White, which you are informed is pleasingly potent whilst getting a glut of protein.

The snacks provided are most certainly befitting of a dimly lit environment as popcorn is one of the mainstays. As such many of the seats have a cinema style feel to them. Should you be wanting to sink into comfort there are snuggly sofas in plentiful supply.

Indeed Thursday is the new Friday and the Megaro Piano Bar is certainly privy to that in offering Happy Hour from 5pm to 8pm, whilst the talented singers make their entrance at 7pm personified by Androgynous voices, whether it be Jazz, RnB or general chart music.

The diners represent a plethora of backgrounds, from working professionals to those wanting to have an unnoticed rendezvous.

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