New Year’s Eve Fireworks

On the night of the 31st December 2017 London eye had 103,000 vociferous spectators fixate their eyes on it as Big Ben crept its way towards midnight, at which point there were 12 strikes of the clock followed by 11 minutes and 15 seconds of spine tingling fireworks. Indeed, for this time period it would be fitting to describe London Eye as ‘the wheel of London Life’ – encompassing a city home to a cosmopolitan faithful with a storied history.​

There were also significant milestones that affirmed the theme of the fireworks with this being the first year where the music in the second half of the fireworks was an all female cast that included household names such as Ariana Grande and Annie Lennox. Indeed, this is part of the Mayor of London’s initiative for gender equality which was further illustrated with 2017 marking the centenary year since the first women had the right to vote in the UK. Please support the cause on social media using the hashtag #BehindEveryGreatCity.

To give a deeper insight into the preparation and output produced for the fireworks show there were:

3,000 staff (including stewards) involved

5,500 fireworks cues

12,000 fireworks producing 50,000 projectiles

30,000 tonnes of equipment on the three fireworks barges

The preparations for New Year’s Eve 2018 have already begun. For further information on how to feel a magnetised sensation with London’s shining skyline please click here

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