Cheese+Fromage offers a plethora of Grower Champagnes from across France that each have a storied history attached to them. Indeed, you can savour this luxurious beverage in congenial company by attending the Champagne & Cheese Tasting Experience at their Covent Garden branch.​

The host Marc introduces himself as somebody who likes to talk a lot whilst drinking Champagne. 

Indeed, his compendious knowledge captivated all attendees who marvelled at the intricacies of Champagne production and taste.

Marc also declared his foolproof methodology on how to open a Champagne bottle. Simply put you twist the corkscrew six times and he demonstrated this on several occasions throughout the evening to leave nobody in doubt! 

He also points out what the key symbols denote on various bottles, something that is often overlooked when purchasing Champagne!

Amongst the four Champagnes sampled over the two hours is Colin 1er Cru ‘Blanche de Castille’ Brut NV that is 100% Chardonnay. This is accompanied with Tartines ‘Montbeliarde’ that is a sourdough bread with smoky sausages topped with melted Morbier. 

Furthermore, the cheese tasting element is not just nibbles on a toothpick but instead notable portions that ensure you can fully appreciate the aroma of all the flavours that it brings.

To begin your Champagne coaching whilst chomping cheese delights click here

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