Director Angus Jackson is the mastermind behind the Shakespeare war play Coriolanus. Indeed, it is a display of cutting action and creative linguistics during the Roman times.

Caius Martius Coriolanus depicts an immortal warrior defined by bloodiness and is a successful Roman General who also aspires to be involved in politics.

However, he shows contempt towards the common man for their lack of military service and as such struggles to gain public popularity to achieve recognised leadership.

Consequently, Coriolanus must battle with his instincts and choose his allies carefully in search of an unrivalled status of true greatness.

As soon as the play begins every performer is able to give the impression that they are staring directly at you when addressing the audience, so such is the captivating atmosphere that there is no time for nodders off.

There are scenes of ferocious sword fighting with fitting dialogue. As the play unfolds witty humour is also prevalent with quotes such as ‘the milk of a male tiger’.

The Barbican Theatre is the venue for Coriolanus where you can experience a zest of on stage performers honouring Shakespeare’s richness in words, all of which can be achieved by clicking here

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