Bengaluru – A City of Quirks – Part Two

The following snapshots of Bengaluru, India further illustrates how words and locations continue to create unrivalled hilarity:

A sign located amongst trees warning of video surveillance to detect those littering. Where are the cameras located – in the tree trunks!?! Quite the covert monitoring if proven to be true…
A local eatery urges diners not to ‘wash hands in plates’. Surely the effort of doing so is far greater than just heading for the restaurant sink!
A plethora of Vegan Ice Cream flavours on show, only that none of them have labels, so it is quite the task asking staff what flavour each one is. Indeed, the finger point and saying ‘this one’ becomes the norm…
An auto rickshaw driver names his desired fare for the journey, only to inadvertently put the metre on. Did his great scam become a great flaw!?
The Permit Room Bar in Bengaluru provides you intricate instructions on Yoga, not least the ‘Vertical Ass Grab’
A Tree Surgeon works his way up the tree, but its not entirely clear that he will be able to cut branches without any equipment to hand…
Yellow number plates signify that it’s a taxi driver’s car. Just to let everyone know that he’s having a grand time, he puts his feet up quite literally!

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