Bengaluru – A City of Quirks – Part One

The IT capital of India, Bengaluru (also dubbed the ‘garden city’) has become the epicentre of creative quirks. The following captures illustrate a plethora of unrivalled hilarity whether you are walking the streets of Bengaluru, delving into culinary delights or just simply marvelling at intended or unintended nuances:

Toilets; Lavatory; W.C; Restroom and now the above at Mamagoto Restaurant, Indiranagar

Cream Stone Ice Cream chain insist you devour this glorious provision irrespective of any monsoon downpour

Before you even have a chance to withdraw from a local ATM, you will be subject to suspected fraud with ‘Skimmer’ (whatever such a term means)
List of extensive park prohibitions and then the last one mentioned is being a ‘nuisance’. Surely everything mentioned beforehand is exactly that – so how to define what being a ‘nuisance’ is…??

From a distance what does it appear that they are ‘experts’ in…

The local way of warning trespassers ‘don’t bum our sofas out by placing yours’ at Chumbak store that aim to ‘tickle the humour of an Indian customer’

‘Safty First’ – ‘Speed Next’ – The driver says with bricks unstacked and one step away from tumbling off the truck…

Makes sense not to wear a helmet as it might obstruct the ‘tree size’ log you’re carrying…

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