KLM can look forward to a resumption of their Long Haul Flight Operations, due to relaxation measures by RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health & the Environment) on the requirements for Air Crew to produce a negative rapid Covid-19 Antigen test before flight departure from ‘high risk’ countries.

KLM bound for Intercontinental routes AGAIN!

Resumption of Long Haul Flights

After a consultation took place between KLM and RIVM, it was agreed that Air Crew will undertake a rapid Covid-19 Antigen test before departing the Netherlands and can take the same test upon returning to the Netherlands. Consequently, this eliminates the risk of Air Crew not being able to board return flights from ‘high risk’ countries and therefore potentially being stranded abroad for a period of time until they could satisfy the previous requirements.

That being said, passengers travelling from ‘high risk’ countries to the Netherlands, will still be required to present a negative rapid Covid-19 Antigen test, as well as a negative PCR test that is conducted no more than 72 hours prior to travel. This could become problematic in countries that do not have such comprehensive rapid Covid-19 Antigen testing facilities. However, KLM said they will try to support passengers in such predicaments as much as possible.

The Road Ahead

It is also important to note that the resumption of Long Haul routes, will enable KLM’s Cargo Operations to continue to transport Covid-19 vaccine supplies back to the Netherlands. KLM remains intent on stringent measures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, and they can now achieve this in an environment that does not completely hinder their Long Haul Flight Operations.

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