The Comedy About A Bank Robbery

The title of this theatre production might sound rather peculiar and puzzling. Hosted at the Criterion Theatre in London it is safe to say that the criteria of the evening is 100% comedy. Indeed once you are seated be sure that you are well replenished with water because the persistent uncontrollable laughter that you will fall into may leave you with a spot of hiccups! A solitary diamond is the theme of this particular bank robbery in a town where everyone is a crook and that is no understatement.

The auditorium layout ensures that you feel drawn to the stage wherever you are seated and unlike other maximum capacity theatres you have sufficient leg room. One of the opening scenes of the show involves crowd participation with the demonstration of how to lift a wallet. This action is far more straightforward than it sounds and the hysterical reaction of the audience sets the precedence for the atmosphere during the rest of the show.

Those of all ages can relate to the plethora of slapstick dialogues and actions throughout the show. Every character somewhat resembles the eccentric mannerisms of Zed from the Police Academy movies. There is also a touch of Basil Fawlty and Manuel from the sitcom Fawlty Towers. If that’s not enough to get your comedy hat on, then you can also relate this show to the clumsy behaviour and verbal gibberish of Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther movies.

People often associate an ‘intern’ as an individual of a youthful age. However The Comedy About A Bank Robbery illustrates a wider meaning to this term. There are also numerous innuendos throughout and the cast do well to keep a straight face whilst the audience continues to chuckle. For those of you that take it as a given that a bed should stay flat on the ground will be astonished at the ‘unpredictable bed’ on viewing as the scenes of madness and lunacy unfold!

For those of you that are familiar with American cities with the suffix ‘as’ – you will hear these names in a completely different light when the cast say them out loud. If you thought that saying ‘free boys’ could sound like ‘three boys’ and vice versa, this is yet another aspect of the hilarity on offer throughout the show.

In summary, it is just as well that there is a 15 minute interval during the show. Indeed, it is much needed to top up on beverages to clear your throat after testing your laughing capabilities to the maximum! Whatever one’s humour preference is The Comedy About A Bank Robbery will even have the least amused watchers in a fit of giggles. 

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