The Car Is Coming

Most of you have likely ran for the bus or the train over the course of time. How does the idea of a vehicle now running after you sound? Ludicrous perhaps? I welcome you to the annual Wings for Life Run. Indeed, the unique concept involves runners racing against a ‘chaser’ car.

Cambridge plays host to England’s version of Wings for Life in the month of May. Typically defined as a quaint and posh town, it descends into a scene out of rat race. Whilst runners have a ‘headstart’ over the car, eventually all participants will be yielded out. Once the car has surpassed you it is all over, and your distance recorded determines your finishing position.

Run around the world with Wings For Life

During your run there might be spectators who try to call your bluff by shouting out ‘look behind you the car is catching up’. As such in all the huffing, puffing and anxiety, runners will look back and see that the car is not even in sight!

The locals love to give an extra ‘wing’ of help to this event by providing water sprinklers to passing runners. Indeed, this is graciously appreciated whatever the weather conditions as the gradient of the running course works up an almighty sweat.

No chaser car yet, so get away as fast as possible!

Once your race is over it is time to become a fan by joining your fans in the park at the race’s starting point. Indeed enjoy a chilled beer and reflect on your efforts whilst watching the remaining participants carry on the show on the big screen.

Click here to register for the 2020 Wings For Life Run in Cambridge.