A New Lifestyle: Vegan Spartan

Vegan Spartan is located in the epicentre of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and is the gateway of power and taste in Vegan cuisine. Indeed, the decor resonates with Veganism as a lifestyle and the melodious piano tunes ensures that one savours their sumptuous delights with longevity in mind.

Vegan Spartan’s owners, Ramona and Adrian, had a desire to eat plant based dishes in their local area. However, due to the lack of options available, they decided to create their own options by opening their own Vegan restaurant.

The following are a plethora of Vegan Spartan’s plant friendly, sugar free and natural ingredient infused dishes:

Stuffed Red Bell Pepper
Primavera Pizza with Jackfruit & Sundried Tomatoes
Spartan Zascusca
Spartan Power Burger with Kale Fries
Apple Pie with Vanilla Sauce
Spartan Snickers

To book Vibrant Valued Vegan cuisine, bring out the Spartan within you and join the all plants movement at Vegan Spartan by clicking here