Prague Pissup

The title of this article isn’t as stereotypical as it sounds. Whilst Prague has a plethora of pub crawls that stag and hen parties immerse themselves in, there are calmer experiences that can create a Prague Pissup in total relaxation.

Indeed, the Prague Beer Spa in the city centre is the new flavour. Often I get asked what is a Beer Spa as people find it hard to comprehend an ‘unconventional’ style spa. Here you dissolve into a wooden hot tub full of beer. I was reliably informed by the spa worker that beer is good for your skin so much so that you should not shower for two hours after the spa! Worried you might come out of the hot tub smelling of booze? Fear not because neither you or busy bodies around you will be able to even detect the scent of beer!

Lather and Lager at once

Whilst lathering in luxury you can treat yourself to unlimited local beer. The dispenser is right beside your hot tub so you need not get too uncomfortable whilst sipping or downing the bubbles of the pleasing pilsener.

As soon as the bubble bath stops you can carry on your liquid diet in the comfort of 37 Celsius heat or cool down on a bed full of hay to create a different look and feel. Even when the spa ends the beer supply carries on as you can unwind in the reception area whilst piling up the pints.

Whoops – dropped the beer in the bath tub!

In summary, the Beer Spa experience can be defined by the three Ds – Desirable, Divine and Delicious. To book your Beer bath treatment click here