Sadler’s Wells Sampled

Dance, music and theatre amalgamate with intensity and intelligence in this latest Sadler’s Wells ‘Sampled’ edition. The change of theatre layout to standing only towards the front of the stalls resulted in a welcomed spillage of on-stage acts synchronising with audience movements.

To introduce each dance act there was a short video clip to explain its roots and the lasting impression that each producer wanted to leave on their viewers. Proceedings started with the piece ‘The Head Wrap Diaries: Fierce and Free’ from Uchenna Dance. It was a sequence where African dance characteristics, namely ‘waacking’ were complemented by a rhythmic flow of club night music. Dancers used head scarves to express their choreography, and the producer’s wish was that all those present add a scarf to their shopping basket at checkout.

Thereafter it was time for an Odissi dance solo performance from Mavin Khoo. This was an illustration of story telling through wrist movements and melodious instrumentals. Semproper Ballet performed two pieces that reflected the glamour and intimate sensations ballet. Meanwhile, Flamenco dancer, Patricia Gurrero demonstrated elaborate feet movements to the sounds of singer Sergio El Colorao.

Rambert2 led by Sharon Eyal created the biggest cult following of the evening with their ‘Killer Pig’ piece. This depicted fierce and cutting chest movements that one may expect to witness in a gym workout. It redefined the acronym ‘RnR’ to ridiculous and riveting with equal measure of randomness in their dress code of translucent underwear.

Richard Alston Dance Company produced a performance called ‘Brahms Hungarian’ that focused on Hungarian folk dancing with fluent piano play. The ‘Birdgang’ hip hop group made an explicit presence on stage by masking their faces, and letting their legs and arms create a visual identity of their choreographic capabilities.

Simply put, Sadler’s Wells Sampled is stupendous and scintillating.

P.S. – This was just a pre-season warm up of what to expect in the dancing circuit of 2019 at Sadler’s Wells. For further information click here

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