Fame The Musical

30 years since its inception, Fame The Musical makes another scintillating appearance at Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theatre in London. Indeed, Fame The Musical gathers its inspiration from the 1980 film version produced by David de Silvia. Set in New York City, the shores of limitless opportunities amongst the plethora of theatres; teenagers at a performing arts school go through the daily motions of varying mood changes, relationship trouble, adventure and drama as they attempt to find their suited identity in dance and music.​

Mica Paris stars as Miss Sherman, the teacher turning mentor at the performing arts school. She sings ‘These Are My Children’ in a euphoric and powerful tone that left the audience fixated on her musical prowess. One of her student’s, Tyrone (played by Jamal Kane Crawford) is a tearaway yet talented dancer, who also has a touch of the Usain Bolt persona; brash and brilliant.

Elsewhere, Carmen (played by Stephanie Rojas) provided a bitter sweet story of searching for one’s dream to fame ‘In L.A’ with a sharp singing voice in ‘There She Goes and Fame’. However, she rapidly enters into a spiral of drug abuse eventually resulting in her demise.

The set is of a classic 80s theme with black and white wall art portraying the school yearbook and a splattering lighting effect. The latter was befitting of the varying sensations experienced by the students under the stewardship of Miss Sherman.

The turn of phrase ‘entering the hall of fame’ is befitting of what you will experience at Sadler’s Wells. Therefore, to ensure that you are part of the festivities, click here