Quick Quirky Queenstown

When it comes to the viewing Queenstown, New Zealand, in freefall, the ethos of ‘Live More, Fear Less’ comes to the party!

Indeed, I refer to the highest Bungy jump platform in New Zealand, The Nevis, at the small matter of 500 feet tall. The build up to the dropping platform begins at ground level in the town centre and you have several hours to manage your nerves, excitement or a combination of both.

Falling Down Queenstown!

Upon completion, you can say that you have experienced Queenstown in its entirety by fulfilling this obligation to jump. Furthermore, on completion you are provided with a certificate and t-shirt to proudly and continuously display your achievement to the outside world!

One food for thought, is that on the Bungy platform, do not fear the height you have ascended or will descend to, but rather pick a reference point upon the vast mountainous landscape, to be able to bask in the glory of the panoramic views that await!