Flirting With Wine In Mendoza

Mendoza, the wine heartlands of Argentina is a perfect weekend getaway. It is a divine and surreal experience to do the wine tasting at the Al Grahanda and Alta Vista wineries. The experience of sipping Malbec wine and nibbling empanadas under the olive trees set against the background of the rugged Andes mountains, abounding in picturesque and sublime scenery is just magical.

Mendoza Central Park
Enjoying A Glass At Alta Vista In The Garden

A tour of the winery at Al Grahanda is a must, and you are drawn into the heavenly intoxicating aroma of the various wines nestling in oak barrels.

Wine Barrels Galore At La Grahanda Winery
Wine Tasting 🙂

The guided tour is informative and provides historical snippets into the origins of the winery and the process of creating this liquid delight. It is a unique liquid art craft and it would not be an understatement to say that it is comparable on all levels to a rare painting that engulfs the senses.