Club Lloyds – Annual Treats

Do you desire to be with a bank who rewards you on an annual basis rather than just initial ‘signing on’ benefits? Ranj Saver suggests you turn towards the Club Lloyds current account.

Indeed, upon signing up, you will be offered the choice of six cinema tickets, an annual magazine subscription or an annual Gourmet Society membership card. Thereafter, every 12 months you will once again be able to select one of the three mentioned rewards. Therefore, you will always feel the exclusivity of the Club Lloyds current account. 

Furthermore, you will gain 1.5% AER variable credit interest on current account balances from £1 up to £1,500 when you pay out two different direct debits per calendar month. 

The £3 monthly Club Lloyds current account fee will be waived as long as you pay-in a minimum of £1,500 per calendar month.

Whichever reward you choose, you will feel a winner with Club Lloyds.