Vegan Sensations: Unity Diner

The Unity Diner Vegan Restaurant in Spitalfields, London epitomises how and why Veganism is trending with positive rage amongst the city’s population.

For meat or vegetarian lovers, the appeal to want to become Vegan will stem from plant-based food creating a similar tasting sensation to that of its meat or vegetarian equivalents, i.e. Vegan Steak vs. Sirloin Steak. The questions meat eaters may ask themselves of Vegan Steak is: does the texture feel the same, does the taste resemble the dispersion of flavours that they are used to, does cutting the Vegan Steak feel as gratifying.

If the answer to all of the above is ‘yes’ and there are clear health benefits of having Vegan equivalent food, then why would even the most passionate of meat lovers say no to Veganism?!

As per the slogan of Unity Diner (The Future is Vegan), the lifestyle aspect of Veganism is prevalent in the plant infused decor and atmosphere. Indeed, tables are clustered together so diners can marvel at one another’s dishes, which increases the urge to sample items that they haven’t tried before.

The following snapshots illustrate the plethora of Vegan culinary delights on offer at Unity Diner:

Dirty Loaded Fries with Vegan Cheese, Jalapeno & BBQ Sauce, Aioli, Herbs & Crispy Onions
Unity Philly Cheezesteak with Pickles, Caramelised Onions, Red Cabbage and Carrot Slaw
Coconut-based Mozzarella Sticks
ToFish & Chips with Vegan Tartare Sauce
Chocolate Orange Dream Cake

To unite in the movement towards Veganism, click here to book your reservation to ‘The Future is Vegan’ at Unity Diner!