Mumbai comes to London

When a restaurant menu says that a little extra time might be taken to cook the food, I have now learnt to accept it for good reason. This is because it generally equates to greater quality as illustrated by the Indian sports bar and lounge, Mumbai Junction in Harrow, northwest London. Afterall you are eating in someone else’s den and part of the whole experience is them providing a homely hospitality.

A different meaning to the term ‘MJ’ often associated with the famous singer

Indeed, you can experience all synonymous with Mumbai at this junction. Television screens air a plethora of Bollywood soundtracks whilst any mainstream cricketing event from Mumbai is first choice on the box, not least an Indian Premier league match. The television views compliment your seated position. Whilst many of you might associate lollipops with all things sweet, you must try battered chicken lollipop dish at Mumbai Junction. It comes with a sumptuous sauce and has meat lovers chomping by the bit.

How many lollipops can you handle?
Positive food colouring creates an appetite

Fusion food can often sound better in description than the final product. However the five star chefs here ensure careful quantities of homemade spice and flavour are incorporated to produce flavoursome dishes such as Haka noodles. Indeed the main courses are on par with the starters, unlike some restaurants where the curry sauce is far in excess of the meat or veg content of the dish.

Eyes up eyes down as the food and televised entertainment blows you away

There is also a conservatory that hosts private events. Lucky diners may find themselves immersed in one as an unofficial guest. This only adds to the busy and buoyant atmosphere of Mumbai Junction. Hence, next time you hear someone in London state that they wish to go to Mumbai, just point them in the direction of their very own backyard.