Floral by Lima

Sharing sumptuous dishes becomes a default option as you marvel at the culturally infused dishes on offer. For example, the Rainbow Quinoa Salad is a melee of colours intertwined amongst the avocado spreading that gives a feeling of taking a journey to the rainbow on Cusco mountain. The corn fields come alive with the fresh bread serving.

The gastronomic explosion continues into the main courses. The lime and spices gently expose in your mouth when having the oven roasted chicken dish with Peruvian potatoes drizzled in salsa sauce. Salmon Ceviche is served in a hot soupy device langoustine sauce and pepper scent makes this a divinely sumptuous dish.

Desserts are daringly delicious, not least the ‘Alfajores’ that are smothered in dulce de leche. It comes with ice cream that adds to the sensation of a melting pot of caramel coffee and crumbs.

Simply put, Floral by Lima is a sure fire to enhance and richen your taste buds. Should you be wanting to continue your Latin American adventure, then head downstairs to ‘The Lost Alpaca’ bar where cocktails complement the snazzy wall art that showcases a plethora of the continent’s spirits.

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