Ahimsa Vegan Cafe

Ahimsa Vegan Cafe is located on the backroads of the town of Pinner, Northwest London, that resonates with a bygone era of quaintness when life was simple and charming. indeed, Ahimsa, is a Sanskrit term that means ‘against cruelty’. Hence they promote delicious eating and drinking in the context of an evergreen environment.

Indeed, upon entering the cafe, you are greeted by simplicity in furniture and decor. The vibrancy is reflected in the presentation and taste of Ahimsa’s dishes and sumptuous smoothies. They define their movement with four beliefs:

  • We use Fresh Ingredients
  • We are Vegan
  • We are Compassionate
  • We are Ahimsa

The following illustrates a plethora of Ahimsa’s culinary and soothing delights:

Vivid Vegan Cafe
Sumptuous Sweets & Smoothies
Vegan Breakfast with Scrambled Tofu
Vegan Jerk Corn Salad with Chill Dressing

To experience Ahimsa’s four prong promotion of sustainable living, visit: