Stem + Glory

The voyage of Veganism to increase its reach and popularity has experienced a sudden surge, as evidenced by Stem + Glory’s London branch achieving its crowd-funding target within just six hours of going live.

Restaurant founder, Louise Palmer-Masterton’s primary goal is ‘to disrupt the restaurant industry by serving plant based food delicious enough to turn everyone vegan’. Suffice to say the taste and texture may leave many wondering why they didn’t convert to Veganism at a far earlier juncture in their culinary delights portfolio.

By way of example, the VLT (Vegan, Lettuce, Tomato) breakfast option is the answer to what most dub the BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) with sumptuous rations of Smoky Tempeh Vegan Bacon. The dinner options include the storied Kimchi Pancakes in Jang Sauce, the Bao Burger, Grilled Butternut Squash and a plethora of Quinoa based dishes.

Meanwhile, the desserts include caramelised bananas with ice cream. Furthermore, there is an exotic selection of Vegan beverages, aswell as cocktails and beers.

Simply put, Stem + Glory is the root of gourmet paradise and can be experienced by clicking here

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