Scintillating Stimulating Shard

The name Shard‘ is befitting of the pointed shaped pyramid like structure of the tallest building in Western Europe. Whilst London is not synonymous with the high rise skyline theme of some of its major city rivals across the globe – viewing all of London from the highest point top down can be experienced at The Shard.

As you enter the ground floor of The Shard you need not look for signposts to the lifts as there are staff at every corner readily available to assist you. Viewers become fixated on the lift ceiling as there is fantastic computer generated imagery to serve as a timely reminder of what awaits and indeed what you have witnessed on your way back down to the ground. A member of staff dubbed the lift viewing experience as 24 hours in 24 seconds.

On arriving at the 68th floor, the steps can be taken to the viewing platform on the 69th floor at which point the information terminal and zoom-in lenses become your best friend. The ambience of the River Thames takes centre stage as boat cruises attract huge audiences from the clouds.

Thereafter it is time to go to the absolute centrepiece of The Shard on the 72nd floor. It has been turned into a garden of glory. The green flooring creates a botanical feeling that is complimented by the open-air filtering through the glass as your panoramic experience of London occurs at optimum altitude.

Indeed, London need not to be lit up at night to create dazzling captures. Instead the plethora of historical buildings can be admired throughout the day with many viewers opting for selfies whilst ‘holding’ onto their favourite landmark in the backdrop. Elsewhere tourists furiously point at the famous sites of London that define its rich history, such as The Inns of Court, Wembley Stadium and London Eye.

Furthermore you also have the privilege of experiencing a touch of wine and dine as you can toast to a glass of Champagne with an extra fizz and feel to those bubbles given the heights of the surroundings. The beauty of all of the above is that there is no time limit as to how long you can take absorbing and devouring London’s landscape.

Should you wish to compare and contrast the views of London at day and night, you can purchase a dual entry ticket for just an additional £10. For those seeking more insightful knowledge on all things London, there are private tours available of 45 minutes duration. There are also complimentary audio guides in several mainstream languages to guide you through The Shard viewing experience.

Be sure to book your tickets in advance to take advantage of the discounted prices available online. At present the Spring Saver promotion is running where you can purchase discounted tickets for just £15.95 per adult if you attend a viewing at 10 AM or 1:30 PM.

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