It’s A Hole!

Often heard the captain of a ship say that ‘we are going to be passing a rock on the left/right hand side’ or ‘we will be going around the rock’. It’s all a little too trivial when compared to going through a rock and I have photographic evidence to prove it!

Indeed, I welcome you to Motu Kokako (hole in the rock) on the bay of islands, New Zealand. As our captain navigated us towards this iconic formation, it became clear how significant this was and still is in Maori history. Indeed their culture had to stand up and fight for what they stood for in centuries gone by, and it is befitting that the hole in the rock is now freehold land that belongs to the Maoris, having defied wind and swirling waves to still stand strong.

The gateway to abnormal yet astonishing nature
Got to be in it to believe it

Prices at NZ $120 per adult, you can be sure to take away at least 120 memorable seconds as you feel at one with the hole in the rock.

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