Emilia Romagna

The region of Emilia Romagna epitomises Italian culinary delights in homely environments where hospitality is the epicentre of the local culture. Indeed, its rich agricultural industry is reflected in the verdant landscape. The mouth watering food items such as parmigiano reggiano (parmesan cheese), pasta, prosciutto ham and balsamic vinegar that have not lost their taste in transportation provides the visitors with a fruitful and fulfilling experience.


All of the above must be savoured with the region’s principle wine, Lambrusco that brings spine-tingling grape fusion bubbles to the forefront of your taste buds. Indeed, Lambrusco in all its sumptuous flavours is illustrated at the “Matilde di Canossa Wine Competition Award” where a plethora of dry and sweet wines are showcased. This event is held at the Romolo Valli Municipal Theatre that is located in the backdrop of fountains in the town centre.

The Tenuta Aljano vineyard depicts the lush vegetation and panoramic landscape that is so typical of the region. One gets a connection with the ambience that is captured so perfectly by the backdrop of the rainbow rolling hills. It resonates with an anticipation of a lasting experience that the visitor will be eager to embrace. Indeed, the owner Stefano Oleari has created a spacious environment where wine can be toasted to celebrate many an occasion.

Balsamic Vinegar

The scent of balsamic vinegar is most prevalent at the Venturini Baldini in the food valley of Emilia Romagna. Here, you will find their entire vinegar production stored in over 400 wooden barrels with exterior wood grain to marvel at. Indeed, the next time you wish to spread the delightful tangy taste of balsamic vinegar on your salad, cheese or vegetables, then be sure to purchase one of their finest bottles from online portals such as Great Western Wine. Furthermore, the vinegar sampling can be accompanied by the piquant taste of Marchese Monodori wine that is produced amongst the 30 vineyards of the Venturini Baldini estate.

Parmigiano Reggiano

A cheese factory called Latteria Villa Curta located to the east of Reggio Emilia is highly justified in dubbing itself the ‘king of cheese’. Indeed, Parmigiano Reggiano has been produced on this land since 1922 using a seven step process of meticulous cutting, cooking and resting, thereby ending in the form of a barrel that can take from 12 to 24 months to mature. In 2018, Latteria Villa Curta introduced e-commerce to its business, thereby enabling the Parmigiano Reggiano sensation to be experienced box fresh by customers across Italy and Europe. Their online shop can be accessed by clicking here

Foodie Farmland

Agriturismo Podere Acquechiare is a family run organic farm located in the outskirts of Reggio Emilia amongst a crisp stream waterfall. Here, you will find a plethora of organically grown vegetables that are pooled together to form succulent focaccia bread. There is also the opportunity to relish smoothly strung tortelli and tagliatelle. A homestay is also an option where artistic and pronounced furnishings create a philosophical and traditional feel.


Bologna is the capital of Emilia Romagna and is a hotspot of rich history that can be experienced whilst delving into heavenly gelato. Bologna has educated many a student as it is home to Teatro Anatomico, the oldest university in the western world that was founded in the 11th century. So to ensure that all students who attended the university excelled in their studies, it is believed that the classroom chairs were deliberately designed to be uncomfortable to the extent that there would be no ‘nodding off’ during lectures.

There are thousands of walkways (porticoes) throughout Bologna and passing through each one feels like a journey through the centuries, starting with the medieval times. Spaghetti alla Bolognesa has a fame that needs no introduction and can be chomped on whilst taking in the views of the Piazza Maggiore that is the main square of the town. Here, you will find the fountain of Neptune and Basilica di San Petronio Church that are part of an unforgettable odyssey.

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